Nathan Duncan PharmD Candidate 2020

I’m a soon to be pharmacist who has always pushed through limits to learn and improve. This is a value I’ve clung to since high school, where in order to attend the honors program I wanted I biked over ten miles, each way, every day. My undergraduate was a similar story, I supported my studies through my concurrent jobs as a packer in a warehouse and a resident assistant at that university. Pharmacy school is when this motivation was given the opportunity to evolve. With student loans being available to fully fund my schooling, I chose to focus my employment on personal growth. That’s when I started my internship with the inpatient pharmacy at Mercy hospital. My passion for improvement exploded there, and during my time at the internship I revolutionized the program. The program expanded from a technician staffing role to a clinical pharmacist extension role. I trialed both the creation of intern shifts on weekends, that are dedicated to completing clinical interventions, and the creation of evening medication history shifts in the emergency department. I expanded the clinical interventions interns would complete from originally only intravenous to oral medication conversions to renal medication adjustments, medication histories, anticoagulation monitoring, and parenteral nutrition management. I created a standardized approach for both the completion of these interventions by interns and for the training of future interns on these interventions. This program not only has helped me grow as a clinician it also impacts patient care, with over 2,000 interventions so far in 2019.

You can probably guess what my next step is going to be already, I’m going to keep learning. I want to go where my growth will be the quickest, and so my dream is to grow using two years of residency training.