Curriculum vitae

Lead intern

  • Functioned as a liaison between interns and intern coordinator
  • Organized monthly intern meetings
  • Expanded scope of intern program
    • Creation/justification of dedicated intern clinical shifts
    • Identified and trialed clinical processes for intern completion including: medication histories, intravenous to oral conversion, renal medication adjustments, anticoagulation monitoring, and parenteral nutrition monitoring services.
  • Tracked intern program impact on clinical services
    • Since April, 2019 the program has made over 2,000 pharmacy interventions
    • Provided biannual progress reports of clinical interventions for each intern
  • Trained new interns in clinical roles
  • Developed intern processes, documentation, and training materials
    • Created IV to PO training process and schedule
    • Created renal dosage adjustment training process and schedule
    • Created HIT monitoring training process and schedule
    • Created parenteral nutrition monitoring training process and schedule


  • Trained in all technician areas of the hospital
  • Collected medication histories in the emergency department
  • Screened patients for IV to PO opportunities
  • Assessed patients for renal adjustment of medications
  • Monitored parental nutrition therapy and recommend ASPEN recommended adjustments
  • Evaluated hemoglobin and platelet drops in patients on anti-coagulation and provided therapeutic recommendations
  • Mentored other interns throughout their clinical shifts
  • Investigated drug information questions from nursing and physician staff

Additional tasks

  • Authored a quarterly inpatient pharmacy newsletter
  • Performed pharmacy improvement projects
    • Phenylephrine compounding cost savings $24,000 yearly savings
    • Pediatric satellite PAR analysis and adjustment
    • Non-sterile compounding process optimization — milk and molasses enema
    • Extended infusion Zosyn line compatibility project
  • Conducted pharmacy practice innovation research
    • Impact of pharmacy interns on number of intravenous to oral conversion completed
    • In progress: Impact of pharmacy interns on pharmacy interventions
April 2020

Pending APPE


March 2020

Pending APPE


January 2020

Pending APPE


November 2019

Ambulatory care APPE rotation – Internal Medicine Clinic – Smith Glynn Callaway

Preceptor: Ashley Evans Pharm.D.
In progress additional projects:
PARAGON-HF journal club presentation to inpatient pharmacists
Ministry wide: Outpatient community acquired pneumonia treatment flowchart

October 2019

Ambulatory care APPE rotation – MSU care clinic

Preceptor: Brandi Bowers Pharm.D.
Additional projects:
THEMIS journal club presentation to clinic providers
2018 Influenza guideline presentation to clinic providers

September 2019

Critical care APPE rotation – Cox hospital

Preceptor: Shelbie McCoy Pharm.D.

August 2019

Acute care APPE rotation – North Arkansas Regional Medical Center

Preceptor: William Hawes Pharm.D.
Additional projects:
Therapeutic interchange of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
Therapeutic interchange of histamine-2-receptor antagonists
Tenecteplase medication use evaluation and pharmacy presentation
Kajiniti medication use evaluation
Kajiniti biosimilar formulary addition evaluation
Mvasi medication use evaluation
Mvasi biosimilar formulary addition evaluation

July 2019

Emergency medicine APPE rotation – Mercy Hospital

Preceptor: Caleb Gibson Pharm.D
Additional project(s): Extend-RCT journal club presentation to clinical pharmacists

June 2019

Transitions of care APPE rotation – Cox Hospital

Preceptor: Elizabeth Englin Pharm. D
Additional project(s): Methylnaltrexone MUE

2018 – 2019

General medicine IPPE rotation – Cox Hospital

Preceptor: Elizabeth Englin Pharm.D

2018 Summer

Health-systems IPPE rotation – Citizens Memorial Hospital

Preceptor: Mariah Hollabaugh Pharm.D
Additional Project(s):
Formulary review of oral vancomycin preparations
Formulary review of famotidine dosage forms
Chemical restraint automated monitoring project

2018 Summer

Community pharmacy IPPE Rotation – CVS Pharmacy

Preceptor: Jessica Kifer Pharm.D

Pharmacy coursework– University of Missouri Kansas City – GPA 3.5

  • Anticipated graduation May 2020
  • Scholarships & awards
    o Three semesters of dean’s list
    o 2016 Alexander and Mary Margolis and Bernard A. Margolis perpetual memorial scholarship
    o 2016 Evelyn F. Suffecool scholarship

Pre-pharmacy coursework– Missouri State University – GPA 3.5

  • Participated in biology undergraduate research
    o Vascular development in mouse embryos in response to hemodynamic resistance
  • Scholarships & awards
    o Board of governor’s scholarship
    o Bright flight scholarship
    o Four semesters of dean’s list
    o CRC general chemistry award
  • Vicki Stanton public speaking showcase contestant
    o Top 60 out of 1500 students invited

American Pharmacist Association

Annual meetings:

  • Nashville, TN 2018
  • Seattle, WA 2019


  • Operation diabetes: During 1st and 2nd years of pharmacy school I participated in multiple health clinics aimed at identifying patients with unidentified diabetes through random glucose screenings. For patient’s without underlying diabetes the clinics focused on education and awareness of diabetes.
  • Operation heart: During 1st and 2nd years of pharmacy school I participated in multiple health clinics aimed at the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease. At these clinics my role was screening of risk factors, including blood pressures, and education of patient on ways to reduce their personal risk factors.
  • Operation immunization: During my 2nd and 3rd years of pharmacy school I participated in multiple influenza immunization clinics. At these clinics my role was education and immunization of patient’s whom the influenza vaccination was appropriate. Additionally, I assisted in a local research project identifying perceptions of vaccinations with undergraduate students. My role in this research was assisting recruitment of survey takers.

American Society Health-system Pharmacists

Annual meetings

  • ASHP mid-year – Anticipated December 2019

Missouri Society Health-system Pharmacists

Annual meetings:

  • MSHP 2019:
    Presented original research: Impact of pharmacy interns on total number of intravenous to oral medication conversions.
  • MSHP 2020 – Anticipated March 2020
    Anticipated presentation: Impact of utilizing pharmacy interns on pharmacy interventions